Railway Country and Bluegrass Festival

To establish Railway Country and Bluegrass Festivals™ promoting railway legacy and preservation projects and showcasing country and bluegrass artists attracting fans and tourists from across North America to the host community contributing $1,000's of dollars to the local economy.


To restore, maintain and improve "Railway Heritage and Preservation Projects" as permanent memorials to an age when Canada was a leader in steam and diesel passenger train service for the education and enjoyment of all Canadians.


All Aboard Production's organization of Railway Country and Bluegrass Festivals™ primary focus is to direct its message to public and private organizations who are both railway and bluegrass romantics and who recognize the value of the festivals both for its entertainment, cause and tourism value.

Community Benefits

Community will reap the benefits of the Festival from:
  • Promoting a form of entertainment that will attract new and old visitors
  • Showcasing exciting new performers who are attractions in their own right
  • Creating opportunities for train groups to associate with the artists.
  • Increase tourism with the Festival being held over a 1-3 day period generating thousands of dollars in the local economy